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Small Groups

Small Groups provide a context for belonging, for friendship, for growing and usefulness, for shared mission and shared lives. The Bible is full of examples of this kind of common life, and we hope you may find through this page a way to connect and join with others in God’s family and God’s mission.

More information

If you would like more information, or some help in getting involved with a small group, please contact us at:

email: Chris Hall (07947 609658) or Rupert Ward

phone: 0131 466 8660 (CCE Office)


Student Groups

Contact: Rupert Ward:

We encourage students to be part of CCE small groups, however we would also like to help students to run their own small group, if they would like to meet together for community, learning and prayer.

Roy & Hannah’s group

contact: Roy & Hannah Hasson
e: | m: 07947 589194
when: Thursday evenings (3 out of 4) plus occasional Sunday lunches
where: Various homes around the south and west of the city. Sundays in/around the King’s Hall
what: All welcome for Bible study, discussion, prayer and occasional meals. Our focus is growing closer to Jesus through loving and sharing our lives with each other.

The Fellowship

contact: Becky Symes:
when: Wednesday evenings
where: Various venues
what: We are a group of 20-to-30-somethings and meet as a Big Cell (for worship, service to the community or a meal) twice a month and as Mini Cells (for bible study and prayer) on the other weeks.

Upper Room

contact: Lindsay & Meg Walker
when: 1st and 3rd Thursday evenings, and informally in between times
where: At the King’s Hall and in homes
what: Focussed on playing our part in the commission to go from ‘Jerusalem’ to the ends of the earth as witnesses of Jesus, we love to worship, pray, read the Bible, share our stories, send out missionaries, and eat! 


contact: Colin & Kathryn Hewitt
e: | m: 07970 958776
when: Every 3 weeks, and in between at various times
where: Various venues
what: Echo is about exploring community life and faith together. We meet for meals, conversation, and prayer. Meals are open to all and are usually every three weeks.

Ben & Ewa’s group

contact: Ben and Ewa Gordon
e: /
 Wednesday evenings
where: Gracemount
what: We enjoy worshipping and praying together and have a desire to experience more of God’s kingdom in our lives and in the communities around us.


contact: Jess Philbrick-Smith
e: | m: 07855 767414
when: Every 3 weeks
where: Various homes
what: We are intentional about journeying together to encounter more of God. We choose a book together and then read through it a few chapters at a time, discussing and reflecting on what is presented in it. We share food, laughter and fellowship as well as a growing trust in God and one another.

Women’s group

contact: Alison Walker
e: | m: 07960 207521
when: Thursdays fortnightly
where: Various homes
what: Worship and prayer, discussion and supporting each other through thick and
thin. We laugh, have lots of chat, coffee and occasional other activities: walk; arty stuff; meditation….

Kirk Football

contact: Barrie Walker
e: | m: 07787 361592
when: Monday evenings, 8-9pm
where: Sighthill (west of the city)
what: Join with others from across the city: Christian and non-Christian, CCE’ers, colleagues, friends, neighbours, etc. Varying degrees of fitness, skill and ages, serious and yet not serious. 3 pitches each week. Prior arrangement essential.


contact: Moira Sced
e: | phone 0131 466 8660 (CCE office)
when: every 6 weeks or so
where: Munros and Corbetts around the Scottish Highlands
what: We gather, with others across the city and beyond, to enjoy both good company and the signature of God upon creation

Calming the Storm

Contact: Jake Cowpland;

When: Wednesday evenings

Where: Different homes

What: we have a desire to become ever more real with each other, creating a safe space for calm, rest and encouragement whilst working towards greater openness and the sharing of our vulnerabilities. We look to keep things small and simple, finding ways to grow in friendship, love those around us, and journey where the Spirit leads us with Christ at the centre.

The Communitas

Contact: Annette Morrison:;

John Hodge:

m: 07907 521326 (John)

when: Wednesday evenings at 7 for a meal, start at 7.30 where: Various venues what: ‘Communitas’ is a small group of those in there 20’s (or there about) taking community a step further – a place  where everyone has equal say, value and voice. Our focus is on being a place where we listen, love, encourage, support and pray as we share how God has worked in the ups and downs of our day to day lives.

Two Halves of Life

contact: Andrew & Kirsty Hook
e: | m: 07989 927906
when: Usually last Wednesday evening of the month
where: East Preston Street
what: A shared meal, then time for discussion, reflection and prayer. Especially suited to those in the midst of life change, or for whom church is a difficult place (see for more info)