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There are many leaders within Community Church: people who lead small groups, projects, worship, teams.  To support all this, and to have an overview of all that happens we have a “Community of Leaders”, a group of men and women called by God, both salaried and non-salaried, to lead the church together.

Community of Leaders

We call the leadership group of our church the Community of Leaders (other churches may call it the leadership team, oversight team, eldership, vestry, kirk-session etc).

It is a group of 8-12 people, some staff and non-staff members (we see that balance being important) who seek to:

  • listen, support, encourage each other in our individual journey with Jesus and our leadership & service within CCE.
  • listen to God, to discern His leading and His heart for our community and beyond.
  • grow and move the church with key big-picture conversations
  • have an overview of the church, while empowering others to lead in their areas of gift and function

Most of the day-to-day running of the church happens in smaller teams or “hubs” where the details are attended to and most decision making happens.

We believe that leaders are needed for the church to function properly and we are inspired by the model that Jesus leaves us:  to serve, rather than “lord it over” people.  So we seek to serve & empower people, to help them become all that God is calling them to be. You can see a more detailed paper about our practice of recognising leaders at CCE below.

Appointment of Leadership in CCE – Feb 2012